Parking Spot Takover 2010: Park(ing) Day!

<p>On Fifth Avenue near 13th Street in Manhattan</p>

<p>Chilling out in Greenpoint, Brooklyn</p>

<p>One bemused driver in Brooklyn</p>

<p>Le Parc(ing)—a French-style spot, with baguette, berets, and even a cardboard Eiffel Tower</p>

<p>On 6th Avenue near West 4th Street in Manhattan</p>

<p>The Van Alen Institute turns the parking spot in front of their office into an outdoor reading lounge.</p>

<p>Ruben Dutervil, plays the messenger in TS Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral at Fordham's pop-up park on Ninth Avenue and 60th St.</p>

<p>The audience at Fordham's parking spot on Ninth Avenue and 60th St.</p>