Park(ing) Day 2009, A Look Back

<p>The group behind the Bedford Village Park(ing) space (on Fulton Street at Verona in Bed-Stuy) <a href="">describes</a> their Park(ing) thus: "1. Our park imagines a crack in façade of concrete and time, allowing a glimpse of the native vegetation that populated our island ecosystem prior to the introduction of invasive species (and Europeans). 2. (We are aware of the irony of white kids teaching invasive vegetation in Bed-Stuy, a gentrifying community)."</p>

<p>On Bedford. Drivers weren't happy, yelling, "get a life you hipsters!" or " die hipsters!" </p>

<p>The Sustainable Seeds Park(ing) space welcomed visitors to relax and even plant something if they wanted. They had dishes, bails of dirt and seeds.</p>

<p>The NYU 6th Avenue Park(ing) space found NYU students in their element, telling us they had no real intention other than to relax, have fun and offer the same to passers-by.</p>

<p>Students tie wishes to the Wishing Tree on 8th Avenue in Chelsea.</p>

<p>If wishes were horses your dick coworker would probably steal the last one.</p>

<p>Fifth Avenue (and Baltic) Bike Lane Love</p>

<p>Council Member Gale Brewer rolls by the "SeniorMoments" spot on the UWS to listen to a jazz trio.</p>