On Its 30th Anniversary, It Is Time To Rewatch 'Eyes On The Prize'

Selma to Montgomery march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks is fingerprinted by a deputy sheriff in Montgomery, Alabama, for her role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, February 1956. (Wikimedia Commons)

Martin Luther King, Jr. at a prayer pilgrimage for freedom in Washington, D.C., May 1957 (Getty Images)

Shopkeep outside store with "Whites Only" sign, 1950. (Getty Images)

King at a meeting with other civil rights organizers, circa 1960. (Getty Images)

Member of the Nation of Islam passes out copies of the organization's newspaper, "Muhammad Speaks," in New York, 1962. (Getty Images)

"Freedom Riders" protesting the segregation of bus service at a bus depot in Jackson, Mississippi, May 1961.

A journalist attempts to interview a Freedom Rider at the Jackson bus depot, May 1961. (Getty Images)

Sign at the Jackson bus depot, 1961. (Getty Images)

A black Freedom Rider is escorted out of a segregated waiting room at the Jackson bus depot, May 1961. (Getty Images)

March on Washington for Jobs and Justice, August 1963. (Getty Images)

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty Images)

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty Images)

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty Images)

March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty Images)

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his "I Have A Dream" speech at the March on Washington, August 1963. (Wikimedia Commons)

Handing out signs at the March on Washington, August 1963. (Getty Images)

Aftermath of a white supremacist bombing at the Gaston Motel in Birmingham, Alabama, where Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders were staying during the Birmingham Campaign, May 1963. (Library of Congress)

Civil rights attorney Frankie Muse Freeman is sworn in as a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, October 1964. (Getty Images)

Investigators uncover the remains of James Chaney, Michael Scwherner, and Andrew Goodman, three civil rights organizers murdered by white supremacists near Philadelphia, Mississippi, July 1964. (Getty Images)

White police block a crowd of mourners protesting at the funeral of assassinated civil rights leader Medger Evers in Jackson, Mississippi, June 1963. (Getty Images)

Malcolm X holds a pile of newspapers with headlines about him and the black Muslims, circa 1963.

Voting rights activism Fanny Lou Hamer representing the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party at the 1964 Democratic Convention in Atlantic City, August 1964.

Malcolm X with Oxford Student Union President Eric Abrahams, before a speech at the university, December 1964. (Getty Images)

King leads the Selma to Montgomery voting rights march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

Selma to Montgomery march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

Two marchers in the Selma to Montgomery march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

Marchers warm their hands over a fire, March 1965. (Getty Images)

A group of children observe the Selma to Montgomery march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

Policemen look on as the Selma to Montgomery march passes through the Alabama capital, March 1965. (Getty Images)

A Volkswagen car painted with racist slogans parked near the march, March 1965. (Getty Images)

At the end of the Selma to Montgomery March, March 1965. (Getty Images)

State troopers face down a group of men during the Watts Riots or Rebellion in Los Angeles, August 1965. (Getty Images)

Armed police watch over a group of black protesters in Watts, August 1965. (Getty Images)

Wounded protester at Watts, August 1965. (Getty Images)

Malcolm X at the London Airport, February 1965. (Getty Images)

Arch-segregationist Alabama Governor George Wallace, 1965. (Getty Images)

President Lyndon Johnson presents Congress of Racial Equality director James Farmer with one of the pens used to sign the Voting Rights Act, August 1965. (Getty Images)

Civil rights activists continue James Meredith's walk from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi, June 1966. (Getty Images)

The Mississippi Highway Patrol fires tear gas at the Meredith marchers, June 1966. (Getty Images)

Stokely Carmichael, 1960s. (Getty Images)

At left, Olympic sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos, who took gold and bronze in the 200-meter dash at the 1968 Mexico City games, rights wear badges for the anti-racist Olympic Project for Human Rights and raise their fists in protest on the podium. The Australian Greg Norman, who took silver, wore a badge in support of Smith and Carlos, October 1968. At right, a mural in Sydney commemorating the act of protest. (Wikimedia Commons)

Martin Luther King lying in state, April 1968. (Getty Images)

Olympic track medalists Lee Evans, Larry James, and Ron Freeman wear black berets in solidarity with suspended teammates John Carlos and Tommy Smith at the 1968 games in Mexico City, October 1968. (Getty Images)

Black Panther Convention at the Lincoln Memorial, June 1970. (Library of Congress)

Black Panther Party Minister for Information Eldridge Cleaver speaks at American University, October 1968. (Library of Congress)

Coretta Scott King flashes the victory sign at a march against the war in Vietnam, May 1970. (Getty Images)

Schoolchildren who have been bussed into a predominantly white neighborhood as a part of a school integration program in New York, 1975. The fight for school integration is one of the last major civil rights battles examined in "Eyes on the Prize." (Getty Images)