Old School City Santas

<p>A Santa taking a "coffee break" during NYC Christmas season. December 1962.</p>

<p>Dean of Santas giving lecture at the Waldorf Santa Convention. October 1948.</p>

<p>Santa Claus convention and Training course at the Waldorf Astoria. October 1948.</p>

<p>Santa Clauses take a written examinationn for diploma after listening to lectures. October 1948.</p>

<p>Santa Claus Convention and training course at Waldorf Astoria. October 1948.</p>

<p>Secretary Eileen Godsil talking with a department store Santa Claus during a walk down 5th. avenue. November 1949.</p>

<p>A Santa during a coffee break during the NYC Christmas season. December 1962.</p>