NYC Paranormal Experts Talk Ghost Hunting, Supernatural Activities

The Governor's House at Sailor's Snug Harbor, Staten Island, New York"Many people will mention the Merchant's House Museum, the Empire State Building, the Dakota, the Ed Sullivan Theater, the Morris-Jumel Mansion, or the Edgar Allen Poe house as being really haunted, but to be honest, we haven't had much luck at any of those locations. Places like the Bridge Cafe, the Conference House, and Sailor's Snug Harbor have been a lot more "active" for us." - Jason Stroming, NY Paranormal Society

Bridge Cafe, Water St., New York"One of the spookiest places I've investigated is the Bridge Cafe on Water Street. It's one of the oldest wooden structures still standing in Manhattan. At various times it's been used as a bar and a brothel. It's currently a restaurant (and sadly closed due to Hurricane Sandy damage). If you go upstairs, outside the restaurant area you definitely get chills." - Laura Pennance, NY Paranormal Society

A hallway at the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia"I believe that Eastern State Penitentiary is probably one of the most haunted places I have ever been in. Almost every person that walks into it has some strange experience, from seeing apparitions to hearing voices. A must visit for those who want a good chance of experiencing something paranormal." - Dom Villella, Paranormal NYC

The Conference House on Staten Island, New York"One of the more frightening moments for me personally was during an investigation of the Governor's House, located at Sailor's Snug Harbor... Also on Staten Island you will find The Conference House (aka Billopp House), Bayley Seton Mental Hospital, St. Andrew's Church and a plethora of other locations that have a vast history of apparitional sightings and other uncanny phenomena." - Arthur Matos, EPIC Paranormal

One if By Land on Barrow St., New York"I'm not sure about spooky but One if by Land is one of the hot spots of NYC. From objects moving around to women's earrings being pulled. Plus it has an interesting history." - Dom Villella, Paranormal NYC

Photo via Paranormal NYC

The Morris-Jumel Mansion in Washington Heights, New York"The Morris-Jumel Mansion, located at 175 Jumel Terrace, NY, and built in 1765... stands as 'the oldest house' in Manhattan with many of its claims ranging from the apparition of Eliza Jumel in a purple dress, to cold spots, and the sensation of being watched and followed about! " - Arthur Matos, EPIC Paranormal

Roxy Studios in Long Island City, New York"[A] good place is the former Roxy Studios in Long Island City. Strange events like a clock flying off a wall, books flying off shelves, The voice of a crying child caught on tape and music plays even when the power is off." - Dom Villella, Paranormal NYC

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York"There are also locations such as the Old St Patrick's Cathedral, located at 263 Mulberry, whose sightings of Bishop Dubois have been told time after time, and although the Bishop's never been authentically documented on film, it certainly gives visitors a welcoming feeling, especially since his body is buried directly beneath the Cathedrals entrance!" - Arthur Matos, EPIC Paranormal

Abandoned Cabin in Moore State Park, Massachusetts"I grew up in central Massachusetts. One place I felt consistently creeped out being at was Moore State Park in Paxton. I don't think anyone has said it's haunted or anything like that - but there's just something about that place..." - Laura Pennance, NY Paranormal Society