NYC As Seen On TV: <em>Two Broke Girls</em> Brings Back The Bad Old Days, Unintentionally

<p>Call the Vandal Squad, the '80s are back!</p>

<p>Upon first seeing the apartment in Brooklyn, the blonde girl from the UES declares, "Oh my god you've been robbed!" That joke <em>never gets old</em>. Try it when you visit your friend in Brooklyn this Thursday night (it's the new Friday).</p>

<p>That's $117 worth of floor pillows <a href=";color=046&amp;color=046&amp;itemdescription=true&amp;navAction=jump&amp;search=true&amp;isProduct=true&amp;parentid=SEARCH+RESULTS">from Urban Outfitters</a>!</p>

<p>Apparently the rich people in Manhattan decorate their apartments like a Louis Vuitton purse circa... when were people buying those white LV knock-offs on eBay?</p>

<p>The word "hipster" was used just 40 seconds in, to describe the guys in the knit caps... who are also described as Coldplay fans. YOU CAN'T BE BOTH. Or did hipster law change? Anyway, also note the token fedora in the background. This really MUST be Brooklyn.</p>

<p>The blonde girl tells the other girl that her personal garden "looks like a really nice place to relax and do crack."</p>

<p>This is an exterior shot of the Brooklyn apartment... can you tell which neighborhood this is supposed to be in? The blonde girl says she found it by going to and typing in "place where nobody from the Upper East Side would ever go, ever." She is then told, "You can't wear a fancy leather jacket outside in this neighborhood, you have to turn it inside out."</p><p>P.S.: Watch the whole thing online, <a href="">here</a>.</p>