NYC As Seen On TV: <em>666 Park Avenue</em> Has Nice Rooms, Awful Hallways

<p>Uhm, is it just us or do shadows not work that way?</p>

<p>In the world of <em>666 Park Avenue</em> the titular Upper East Side address (which is, weirdly, actually supposed to be 999 Park Avenue) is played by the Upper West Side's glorious Ansonia. At least they didn't straight up use The Dakota from <em>Rosemary's Baby? </em></p>

<p>In case you were curious what 999 Park Avenue really looks like, here you go! </p>

<p>In this magical, wonderful New York a part-time building manager with limited responsibilities gets a beautiful two bedroom apartment with a nice long hallway, a living room, gas fireplaces in both bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Rent free.</p>

<p>Lots of things made our eyebrows rise about the super fancy Upper East Side building that stars in <em>666 Park Avenue</em> (for example: why was the lobby so busy?) but nothing set off our Spidey-sense quite as much as the hallways. Since when did buildings that make it into <em>Architectural Digest</em> have hallways with drop ceilings that would look comfortable in a Holiday Inn in Piscataway? Also, woman, put your shoes on.</p>

<p>We just wish our laundry room looked like this. Scratch that, we wish we had a laundry room in our building.</p>

<p>If you have walked around New York in the past month you've seen many a poster for <em>666 Park Avenue</em> with a <a href="">sexy, circular red staircase</a>. Well, guess what. That staircase is NOT in this television program. These square, very un-sexy stairs are as close as you are going to get. Love 'em or leave 'em.</p>

<p>You see the (very dark) look of surprise on that man's face? That is because he just saw another man jog by him on the High Line. At night. Neither of these things happen.</p>

<p>We will give props to <em>666 Park Avenue</em> for sending a character to the New York Public Library's main branch to do research on her new home. But you'd think somebody would have pointed out that regular people are NOT allowed into the stacks!</p>