Nieuw Again: New Amsterdam Village Opens Up Downtown

<p>Bringing in the Gouda</p>

<p>Windmill against the skyline</p>

<p>Some of the village</p>

<p>Netherlands Ambassador to the U.S. Renée Jones-Bos and NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe</p>

<p>The Gouda is being prepared</p>

<p>Here's the Gouda</p>

<p>Cutting the gouda!!</p>

<p>Bees in the mobile greenhouse that showcases how they grow food and flowers in an energy saving environment</p>

<p>Cherry tomato plants, $10</p>

<p>Carving shoes</p>

<p>Herring sandwiches, $9</p>

<p>Making herring sanwiches</p>

<p>Jacques Coolen making art from flowers</p>

<p>Welcoming people to the village</p>

<p>In Dutch costume</p>

<p>In Dutch costume</p>

<p>Stroopwaffels, $5</p>

Making Poffertjes Kraam

<p>Flowers line the village</p>

<p>Free bikes for rent</p>

<p>Benepe shakes the hand of a Dutch costumed woman</p>

<p>Flower seeds for sale</p>

<p>Cheese for sale</p>

<p>Dolls on display</p>

<p>Dutch clogs for sale</p>

<p>The story of how it all began</p>