New York in the 1940s

<p>2nd Avenue El near Houston Street</p>

<p>1945, Battleship Missouri under Brooklyn Bridge en route for overhauling in Brooklyn Navy Yard</p>

<p>1940, Couple in Central Park</p>

<p>1945, Hole torn bet. 78th &amp; 79th floors when B-25 bomber, flying in fog, crashed into Empire State Bldg</p>

<p>1942, Sidewalk Vendor selling Hot Sweet Potatoes on East 7th Street, between 2nd &amp; 3rd Aves</p>

1941, Broome St near Baruch Place, 1 block from FDR & Williamsburg Bridge


<p>Hair or brains?</p>

<p>1948, Boy Jumping into the Hudson River</p>

1943, a couple of crazy kids at the Palace Theatre

<p>1940, Harlem on Easter Sunday</p>

<p>Even in 1946 dogs wore sweaters</p>

<p>1947, Billie Holiday with her pet boxer, Mister, at Downbeat W 52nd Street</p>

<p>Standard peep show shot on West 42nd Street</p>