Nature Takes A Stand at World Trade Center Site

<p>One of the White Swamp Oaks was lowered to be planted at the 9/11 Memorial Plaza</p>

<p>The 9/11 Memorial under construction</p>

<p>The WTC site</p>

<p>Work continues every day at the site</p>

<p>When the project is over, over 8,100 tons of steel (more than what's in the Eiffel Tower) will be used. </p>

<p>Nearly 50,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured by the end of WTC construction</p>

<p>One World Trade Center beyond the trees</p>

<p>Wearing helmets and safety vests at the WTC site</p>

<p>Watching the trees being lowered</p>

<p>Rendering of the Memorial Plaza</p>

<p>Rendering of the Memorial and Plaza</p>

<p>A poster of firefighters killed during the 9/11 attacks</p>