Meet 21 More Cute Clickable Cats From NYC Bodegas

<p>Photo via Jenn Sweeney's Instagram</p>

<p>Photo by Edwin Tse</p>

<p>Photo by Sylvatron</p>

<p>Photo via lynnerickert's Instagram</p>

<p>Photo via morrocoyo's Instagram</p>

<p>This guy is actually the Bleecker Street Records cat, but we couldn't not include him!</p>

<p>Photo by Justine and Isabel</p>

<p>Photo by Jennifer Krawczyk</p>

<p>Photo by <a href="">Charli James</a></p>

<p>Photo via lenibriscoe's Instagram</p>

<p>Photo by Lindsey Snell</p>

<p>Photo via clairebearito's Instagram</p>