Lily Koppel, Author of <i>The Red Leather Diary</i>

<p>Florence in her bathing costume on the beach in Far Rockaway with friends, the summer she received the red leather diary as a gift for her fourteenth birthday.</p>

<p>Florence in a fur-collared velvet coat designed by her mother, a couture dressmaker with a shop on Madison Avenue.</p>

<p>Flapper Florence at 14 outside of her Upper East Side apartment building.</p>

<p>The Italian count, Filippo Canaletti Gaudenti da Sirola, a poet and pilot, with whom Florence had a love affair when she sailed to Europe in 1936.</p>

<p>Lily with the trunks left outside of her Riverside Drive apartment building.</p>

<p>Lily and Florence in Florence's Pompano Beach, Florida home. Behind them hangs a portrait of Florence by her friend, Eda Mann, the mother of feminist author Erica Jong.</p>