Last Minute Costumes You Can Make From Crap That's Sitting in Your Apartment

<p>It's pretty hard to rationalize spending money on Halloween. We've already talked about how much <a href="">New Yorkers actually spend </a>on the holiday. But, really, $45 or more for a new costume each year is pretty ridiculous. We'll probably all pull a <a href="">Ron Swanson</a> in the future. But if you just found out about a great party and need to whip something up we've got a few ideas. The following are mediocre suggestions for costumes that use only items already in your home and a healthy dollop of self-delusion.<br/></p>

The so-called "Hipster Cop," earlier this week

Lucy Kafanov's Twitter

<p>It's a little gross, we know. Just take some stuff out of your recycling bin (the actual garbage can is too smelly) and tape that to some clothes you don't care about. The witty explanation is up to you. Bonus points if you go as "New Jersey."<br/></p>

<p>It isn't that hard to be a mummy. It's time consuming but everyone will know what you are. You'll just regret using all of your toilet paper. And try to avoid those dressed up as <a href="">Brendan Fraser</a> at all costs. They will attempt to kill you.<br/></p>

<p>Who isn't scared of the Mop Monster? You know, that monster that has a mop head for hair and reeks of box wine? When prompted, the Mop Monster is notorious for laying curses on those who do not buy it a round, and then disappearing as soon as check arrives. Don this with caution, as most people really don't like putting up with the Mop Monster's shit.<br/></p>

<p>What's scarier than an unexpected pregnancy? Just shove a pillow under your shirt (or a balloon, depending on what you have around the house) and tell everyone you're craving cantaloupe and capers and Winston cigarettes. You'll be able to eat as much as you want and plus, who isn't amused by seeing someone "pregnant" breaking those pesky health rules that go along with it. Tonight, you're drinking for two!<br/> </p>

<p>Do you recognize this man? We certainly love seeing him around town. If you have a friendly feline who doesn't mind the height and loud noises and is capable of taking in New York City without escaping in fear, take that cat out for the evening! Don a cap and sunglasses and you're ready to go. You could always use a stuffed cat, but if this guy catches you doing that he will call you a loser. And he will be right.<br/></p>