Kitty Calling: Cat Championship & Show this Weekend

<p>Cali, a manx, was named the Best of the Best in 2006. She is very friendly--and wanted to show us her gorgeous coat.</p>

<p>A British shorthair was resting in his hammock.</p>

<p>Razzle the super-energetic Abyssinian. </p>

<p>Hope, the Exotic, hanging out after a long spell of media requests.</p>

<p>Winter, a Norwegian Forest cat, was ignoring his snake toy.</p>

<p>Rescue groups will have cats up for adoption at the cat show. These kittens available are from <a href="">Anjellice Cats Rescue</a>. </p>

<p>Nemo, the Exotic, was looking pretty.</p>

<p>The <a href="">Mayor's Alliance for Animals</a> will also have cats for adoption at the Cat Championship. This is Sebastian, who is a "party animal."</p>

<p>Marley, another cat available for adoption through the Mayor's Alliance for Animals. A real sweetheart!</p>

<p>Napping Egyptian Mau cat and another kitten snuggle.</p>

<p>Meow! These women showed off their face as well as body painting.</p>