James Ensor MoMA Retrospective Really Is Astonishing

<p>"Skeletons Fighting Over a Pickled Herring." In this 1891 painting, Ensor depicts himself as a herring fought over by skeletal critics. </p>

<p>"Skeletons Trying to Warm Themselves." 1889</p>

<p>"The Oyster Eater." 1882. </p>

<p>"Masks Mocking Death (Masks Confronting Death)." 1888.</p>

<p>"The Baths at Ostend." In Ensor's 1890 parody of the popular beaches in his home town, he playfully suggests that beyond the waters' supposed therapeutic value, the beach may undermine bourgeois propriety and social inhibition. </p>

<p>"Self-Portrait with Masks." 1899. </p>

<p>"The Skeleton Painter." 1895 or 1896(?) A self-portrait as a skeleton in his attic studio.</p>