It's Finally Your Time To Adopt A Pet And Clear The Shelters

"Cullen is a very lucky kitty. This orange tabby male was rescued just in time from a local municipal shelter where he was diagnosed with a broken pelvis. This spunky older kitten has grown up in our Medical Center as we repaired his injury. Now healed and heathy, he is ready to unleash his energy in his very first home. We are looking for cat experienced adults who can help him redirect his energy and ease him into life in a home. He’d do best in a household with children twelve and up. You will be delighted by his spunky good nature and captivated by his enthusiastic head butts." (North Shore Animal League)

"Bonny is a 19 week old Potcake mix rescued internationally from Turks and Caicos. She is a special needs adoption as she is missing her back right hind paw. She was most likely born without it but don’t you worry it hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She is just like every other dog we have, ready to play and looking for her forever home. If you want to give Bonny the forever home of her dreams, then Bonny is the puppy for you!" (North Shore Animal League)

"Paige is an active and spunky gal who’s eager to learn how to hone her energy in and become a mature lady. Whether you’re strapping on your running shoes to go for a jog or packing your bags to go on an adventure, Paige would love to come with you! She's a one-year-old pit bull terrier." (ASPCA)

"Bobbi is a seven-year-old, male brown tabby in search of his next home. Originally adopted in 2012, Bobbi returned to North Shore Animal League to be cared for in our Medical Center for FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.) Bobbi is now actively looking for a soulmate to appreciate him for the loving cat he is. A quiet home with cat experienced adults would be ideal for sweet Bobbi." (North Shore Animal League)

"Turtle is a 2 year old male Boxer mix who is looking for a nice calm home to call his own. Much like his name, he is a calm chill dog who likes to take it easy. He would love a calm home to match his disposition. If you are looking for a buddy who wears the name “couch potato” as a badge of honor, Turtle is the dog for you!" (North Shore Animal League)

"Sebastian wants to be part of your world! If there’s one phrase to describe this guy, it’s “a lover.” While he does enjoy a good wand toy every now and then, Sebastian by far and large is much more into letting you know when he’s ready for some affection than playing games! Always wanting to be close to his people, Sebastian likes to spend his time napping on your stomach or curled up at your feet. He adores head and chin scratches on his terms—but his favorite thing is getting little kisses from his human friends! Sebastian would do best with a cat-savvy adopter in a quiet home. Small children and other cats can be a little too much for him, so he would prefer to live with children ages 12 and up and must be the only kitty in the household. With a slow introduction, Sebastian may be able to live with a polite, friendly dog!" (ASPCA)

"If you think Nelly’s nose is cute, you should check out her personality. This curious, two-year-old grey and white tabby female was rescued locally from a municipal shelter this past spring. If you think you can keep up with her demands for ear rubs, you’re the perfect match to her adorable personality!" (North Shore Animal League)

"Buddy who is a 3 year old male Pomeranian mix who is looking for his home to be pampered in. He wouldn’t mind a home with older children and prefers to meet any canine siblings before going home with them. If you are looking for a dog that is an absolute show-stopper, buddy is the dog for you!" (North Shore Animal League)

"Hattie is a 2 year old Hound mix who would love a home with both canine and human siblings. This sweet girls hasn’t met a dogs she didn’t know how to play with. She also doesn’t mind going on an adventure with her humans as well. If you are looking for a dog that can do it all, Hattie is the dog for you!" (North Shore Animal League)