It's Cat Friday! ASPCA Offers 'Name Your Own Adoption Fee' For Kittens And Cats

<a href="">Korma is a three-month-old kitten</a>, and she's super active. The ASPCA says a great home for her would be one where she'll get playtime, "She loves to play with her favorite toys and her favorite people."

<a href="">Pancake is an eight-year-old female</a> who is looking for just the right human(s). The ASPCA says, "She longs to be adored by her people, often trying to 'help' her foster parent with work or simply lounging on their lap. Pancake loves to know what you’re up to, listening in to conversations and greeting familiar guests."

This is Ariana. <a href="">The ASPCA says</a> that after she warms up to a new home, she'll be your "BFF." She's a "sweet, playful cat who loves getting plenty of pets, affection and playtime."<br>

<a href="">Benji is a nine-year-old male</a> who needs someone who can give him the attention he deserves. The ASPCA says, "He can be shy with unfamiliar faces, but offer him a brush and you could have a new BFF—brushes and belly rubs are his favorite."

<a href="">Three-year-old Falafel</a> is, according to the ASPCA, "a sweet but somewhat shy cat... With some patience, love and understanding, Falafel’s delicious personality will shine. He adores attention and will ask for affection, gently purring his thanks."

<a href="">Gabby is a three-year-old female</a>. She's into circles.

<a href="">One-year-old male Kenan</a> is a sensitive kitty who just wants to feel confident in his home before showing his personality. The ASPCA says, "Once he gets a lay of the land, Kenan will accept steady, gentle attention and will rub against his favorite people to ask for more pets. He loves playing with toys when he’s alone, and he’s slowly learning to share them with people too. Bring out a brush and you will certainly get his attention! Kenan’s desire to be well-groomed overrides his shyness."

<a href="">This is Wizard</a>, a four-year-old male. Look at that excellent leaning ability!