It's Black Cat Appreciation Day, So The ASPCA Is Waiving Black Cat Adoption Fees

<p>This is Cameron! He is four months old, and the ASPCA says, "Cameron is a playful adolescent who is very friendly and outgoing. With this black kitty, playtime is all the time."</p>

<p>Meet Leo, a dapper two-year-old male who wears spats on his paws and has impressive whiskers: "Leo is a handsome cat who loves to play. He loves attention but needs his space at times as well," the ASPCA explains.</p>

<p>It's sweet Kelly! She is six years old, and the ASPCA describes her as "a sensitive cat who would do best as the only cat in the home. She enjoys quiet gentle attention."</p>

<p>Beautiful Bethany is six years old, and the ASPCA says she's also a sensitive girl "who can live with other mellow cats. Offer her a treat, and she'll be your friend."</p>