Instant Entertainment: You Can Now Watch <em>Breaking Bad</em> Online

<p>Today we visit with some of our favorite bad dads...</p>

Sometime over the past week, while we were all distracted by the confusing Netflix/Qwikster thing, the company added Breaking Bad to their streaming options! Next time they should start their letters out with that! Anyway, the first three seasons of the show are now available, should you want to delve in to the dark world of meth and cancer again, or for the first time. Fun fact: Back before the show aired we recieved this scary video of Walter H. White (who we didn't know at the time!) telling us we were wasting our time here in New York City.

If you want more messed-up dad drama, catch up on Dexter before the sixth season premieres in October. The whole series is available on Amazon's Instant Watch, but you'll have to pay $1.99 per episode (or around 20 bucks per season). And here's a peak at the upcoming season: