Instant Entertainment: A Controversial Kennedy Miniseries And A White House Rom-Com

<p>You can watch the controversial Kennedys miniseries (canceled by the History Channel after it was already filmed) on Netflix Instant, and why not follow it up with the more lighthearted <em>American President</em>, everyone's favorite White House rom-com!</p><p>And good news, Queue Noodle has returned, <a href="">with a website</a>, to let you know what's leaving Netflix Instant soon!</p>

The Kennedys miniseries, starring Katie Holmes as Jaqueline and Greg Kinnear as JFK, was originally set to air on the History Channel this year, but was canceled after it had already been filmed. Reportedly the cancelation "was done under political pressure from the Kennedy family who were not comfortable with the project coming out in the year of the 50th anniversary of Camelot." Some called the miniseries a “political character assassination," and the Daily Beast listed eight scenes that showed why it may not have aired. But now, you can see the entire thing on Netflix Instant; below you can watch their portrayal of Marilyn Monroe meeting Bobby for the first time:

If you haven't seen the 1995 movie The American President, now is the time—or if you have, now is the time to revisit it. The lighthearted and fictional look into the behind-the-scenes of the White House zeroes in on widowed U.S. president Andrew Shepherd (played by Michael Douglas), and Washington lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade (played by Annette Bening). The Rob Reiner-directed romantic comedy won't deliver any debt ceiling talk, but it does give you insight into what the most powerful man in the world would do if he wanted to pick up some flowers for the lady he's courting. Really, it's good! And Michael J. Fox's role will show you exactly what would have happened to Alex P. Keaton if he had gone Democrat. You can watch it on Netflix Instant right here.