Inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard

<p>Looking inside a warehouse.</p>

<p>Looking into an abandoned building.</p>

<p>Looking down into some boat supplies.</p>

<p>Inside another abandoned warehouse.</p>

<p>The old Navy Yard Paymaster's Building.</p>

<p>Inside a warehouse.</p>

<p>One of many smaller buildings at the Yard.</p>

<p>Exterior of one of the many huge warehouses.</p>

<p>Looking south towards downtown Brooklyn-- Admiral's Row is under the green trees in the middle right.</p>

<p>Looking north towards the Williamsburg Bridge.</p>

<p>Looking Northeast towards some of the WW2 era buildings on the yard.</p>

<p>Looking north over the roof of a massive warehouse.</p>

<p>Inside one of the larger buildings.</p>

<p>The rooftops of Admiral's Row, hidden under the trees.</p>

<p>One of the larger buildings.</p>

<p>Looking north over the piers.</p>

<p>A powerplant with huge smokestacks.</p>

<p>Panorama, looking north.</p>

<p>A large, abandoned dry dock.</p>

<p>Inside a warehouse</p>

<p>Bonus: an aerial shot of the Kent Avenue Powerstation, which has been almost completely demolished. It sits just outside the Navy Yard.</p>