In A City Of Incredible Views, 60 Water Tops Them All

<p>Mirrored walls act as sculpture - and an optical illusion.</p>

<p>In person, you can use the wall to see locations superimposed over the Manhattan skyline's reflection.</p>

<p>The building itself overlooks the East River and the roof deck.</p>

<p>Which, if it feels like the High Line, it should: it was designed by Field Operations, the same architects behind one of New York's best parks.</p>

<p>The space is designed to maximize views everywhere on the deck.</p>

<p>60 Water's view in particular includes three bridges; in this photo, the Manhattan Bridge is to the north while the Brooklyn Bridge is almost close enough to touch.</p>

<p>The sun setting over Manhattan makes every angle look like a postcard.</p>

<p>And there's certainly no arguing with those night views. The Empire State Building peeks through the Manhattan Bridge...</p>

<p>...while One World Trade towers behind the Brooklyn Bridge.</p>