If It's Almost Halloween, Then Dogs Must Wear Costumes

<p>It's Snoopy and Woodstock at Tompkins Square Park!</p>

<p>The Hulk busts out at Tompkins Square Park.</p>

<p>He's also wearing the shorts!</p>

<p>A ninja dog at Tompkins Square Park</p>


<p>Bravest pup</p>

<p>Biker pups</p>


<p>Dynamite, indeed</p>


<p>Sushi chef</p>

<p>Sushi chef from the front</p>

<p>Serious candy corn hat-wearing pup at Carl Schurz Park</p>

<p>Girl's best friend</p>

<p>Sweet flower dog</p>

<p>Thriller dog—complete with zombies— at Tompkins Square Park!</p>

<p>Lobster time</p>

<p>Loads of dogs</p>

<p>Poodle-skirt wearing pup</p>


<p>Finest dog</p>

<p>Someone called for a nurse?</p>

<p>Batman and Robin</p>


<p>Hey, sailor</p>

<p>Mail carrier dog</p>

<p>What's Halloween without a pumpkin dog (we think)?</p>