Hurricane Irene Redux: What Zone Were You In?

<a href="">Our first look at</a> Irene was via a NOAA infrared colorized view of Hurricane Irene as it advanced towards the East Coast

<a href="">On August 26, 2011,</a> Mayor Bloomberg announced a mandatory evacuation of residents in Zone A areas—this included Brooklyn's Coney Island and Manhattan Beach, Far Rockaway and Broad Channel in Queens, South Beach, Midland Beach, and other low-lying areas on Staten Island, and Manhattan's Battery Park City. Above, you can see Bloomberg in his state-of-the-art Hurricane command center.

<p>There were <a href="">a lot of</a> maps, graphs and zany <a href="">radar images</a> used throughout the whole experience to chart Irene's course. </p>

<p>This was <a href="">a particular gorgeous</a> GOES-13 satellite image of Hurricane Irene moving through the Bahamas on the morning of August 25th, 2011</p>

<a href="">Hurricane Bingo!</a>

<a href="">Remember how</a> the city flipped 25,000 corner trash cans upside down to reduce risk of hurting anyone, or flying through the air when Hurricane Irene arrived?

<p>Once it was clear The Menacing Hurricane of Ominous Destruction wasn't going to be quite as bad as predicted, <a href="">tons of hilarious</a> <a href="">tweets followed</a> on everything from parenting advice to dolphin safety to Dr. Ruth's sex tips.</p>

<a href="">The MTA released</a> some very cool photographs of Grand Central after the last Metro-North trains left and the MTA police secured the station—all part of the agency's systemwide shutdown on August 27th, 2011

<p>At some point in the middle of the storm, Bloomberg <a href="">looked a little bored.</a> </p>

<p>Eventually, Hurricane Irene was downgraded to Tropical Storm Irene. There was some flooding, fallen trees, downed power lines <a href="">and more damage.</a></p>

<p>To prove that everything was back to normal, <a href="">Bloomberg took the subway</a> on Monday August 29th to work. </p>

<p>We came across two adorable animal stories: <a href="">there was "Reno,"</a> a cute cat who was displaced by the storm, and then adopted a Clinton Hill local. And there was Irene Hope, the lamb <a href="">born in the middle of the storm</a> at the Central Park Zoo. </p>