How Are Your Pets Weathering The Storm? Send Us Your Pics!

Aurora's prepared in Hell's Kitchen... she even has a kitty doll!

<p>This is Chunk! We love him.</p>

Maggie and Larry!

This is Dagny, all ready for Sandy.

<p>Meet is Pepper Mullen!</p>

"Iggy Pop has his orange hurricane shoes on."

This is Lollie.

"Spuddog hates the wind."

"This is Kotetsu, the MiMA building dog. He’s the bravest of all and ready to weather Sandy!"

<p>"Alroy Merv Kitten is busy storm watching!"</p>

This is Jojo Wells-Hazelwood, hanging out on the UWS.

<p>Reno, a 7lb. chihuahua, preparing for the hurricane.</p>

Pets at an NYC emergency shelter.

<p>"Allerton enjoying some time on the deck before Sandy shows up in Park Slope."</p>

<p>"We had to share our two little riders in the storm in their rain gear. Their names are Bowie and Iman. We adopted them at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in fall 2009."</p>

Piper Gearty is hiding from Sandy.

Moe Hutchins prepares for Sandy.

Zelda is ready to go.

Feldman, warming up after a walk.

Rolph doesn't need no raincoat.