Here's Your Chance To Visit The Top Of The Woolworth Building

<p>These infographics on these slides crystallize points from the Historic Districts Council's <a href="">expansive 2014 report</a> "A Proven Success: How the New York City Landmarks Law and Process Benefit the City."</p>

<p>Washington Square Arch<br/>Designed by noted architect Stanford White and modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this 77-foot-tall triumphal arch was built in 1892 to celebrate the centennial of George Washington's inauguration as the first President of the United States.</p>

<p>Carnegie Hall<br/> How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice - and look for its rich facade of Roman brick, brownstone and terra cotta! This world-famous concert hall is celebrated for its impeccable acoustics - some of the best in the city.</p>

<p>Chavela's<br/> This lively neighborhood restaurant draws a broad array of patrons with its captivating brick facades and whimsical storefront.<br/></p>

<p>Battery Maritime Building <br/>The launching point for ferries to Governor's Island, this Beaux-Arts beauty also serves as an architectural touchstone in lower Manhattan. Featuring cast-iron elements and Guastavino tilework, this New York City Landmark was restored in 2005 using historic preservation tax credits.</p>

<p>Jackson Heights Historic District<br/>Home to one of the most magnificent groupings of apartment buildings in the city, this Queens enclave also boasts great restaurants, tree-lined streets, and a charming commercial spine. It was designated a New York City Historic District in 1993.</p>

<p>Alhambra Apartments <br/>This castle-like, highly-ornamented New York City Landmark was designed in a combination of the Romanesque Revival and Queen Anne styles and completed in 1890. It was restored in 1998 after a disastrous fire in 1994, and now contains 46 units of affordable housing and is a prime example of how historic preservation and affordable housing can work together to superior and inspiring effect.</p>

The Woolworth Building / Woolworth Tower ResidencesMore than a century after the start of its construction, Cass Gilbert's neo-Gothic masterpiece remains, at 792 feet, one of New York City's most iconic skyscrapers.