Here's How The High Line Park's 3rd And Final Extension Will Look

<p>Interim Walkway: "View looking northwest, where the High Line curves north at the intersection of West 30th Street and 12th Avenue. While the Eastern Rail Yards will extend the design of the High Line that is currently open to the public, the Western Rail Yards will feature an interim solution – a simple path through the existing self-seeded landscape – that will allow the public to directly experience the wildflowers and grasses that grew between the tracks once travelled by the freight trains. Here, the walkway winds along the curve of the High Line at West 30th Street and 12th Avenue, and provides visitors a new opportunity to experience the original railroad tracks and Hudson River."<br/></p>

<p>Rail Track Walk: "View looking west along West 30th Street, just west of 10th Avenue. The rail yards section will extend the High Line’s distinct design vocabulary established south of West 30th Street, evoking the High Line’s history as an active freight rail line. Here, looking west along West 30th Street, planting beds featuring Piet Oudolf’s naturalistic landscape border a pathway embedded with the High Line’s original tracks, inviting visitors to walk along rails where trains once traveled."</p>

<p>Beam Exploration Area.<br/></p>

<p>11th Avenue Bridge: "View looking southwest toward the Hudson River, just east of 11th Avenue. As the High Line travels over 11th Avenue, the primary pathway will slowly ramp up, creating an elevated catwalk that will raise visitors approximately two feet above the High Line level to take in panoramic views of the cityscape and Hudson River. Lush display gardens on either side of the catwalk will separate the primary pathway from the more intimate linear bench seating running along the railing on either side of the bridge."<br/></p>

<p>“Peel-Up” Bench Seating: "Along the High Line that is currently open to the public, the park’s 'peel-up' benches are an integral part of the landscape design, rising organically from the planks of the walkway. In the rail yards section of the High Line, the 'peel-up' benches will evolve into a new family of design elements to create more seating, picnic areas, play features, and more."<br/></p>