Happy Park(ing) Day, New York City!

<p>The meditation garden at Bedford and North 6th Street in Williamsburg. Massage therapy was promised, but not offered. There was, however, a yoga mat. Foot traffic on the sidewalk slowed to a crawl as passers-by stopped to contemplate the surreal scene. One elderly woman trying to get by was heard to exclaim, "People walk so slow here!"</p>

<p>The lads at the Buckminster Fuller park on Bedford and North 10th in Williamsburg were building a geodesic dome.</p>

<p>On Mott Street between Prince and Spring, the Forum for Urban Design, a non-profit organization, and Workshop for Architecture, a collaborative design and research studio, hung out under an arbor made of 88 traffic cones.</p>

<p>DEGW tended to this "City in a Box" Park(ing) space on Thompson and Spring Street, paying homage to their three favorite places to chill: park, stoop and picnic bench.</p>

<p>Power lunch at the Park(ing) space on LaGuardia beween West 3rd and Bleecker. </p>

<p>Park(ing) Day's gotten so popular that even Con Ed's gotten in on the fun!</p>