Happy 113th Birthday To Our Miraculously Still Sorta Functioning Subway System

Interborough Subway Car, Side View, early 1900s (via the NYPL)<br/>

Portrait of New York City Hall and subway entrance, 1905. (Getty)<br/>

A group of suffragettes enter the New York subway to catch the 'penny tube' to Wall Street, 1915. (Getty)<br/>

Mayor Seth Low holds a mallet, surrounded by a crowd of police, officials, and citizens at a dedication ceremony for a New York City subway station, probably the City Hall station, New York City, circa 1903. (Getty)<br/>

Commuters walk on the street after leaving a subway station, New York, 1910s. (Getty)<br/>

A man in hat and coat gets off of a subway car the interior of which is plastered with advertising posters for department stores, New York, 1910s. (Getty)<br/>

View of construction scaffolding inside a newly excavated subway tunnel, New York City, circa 1900. (Getty)<br/>

Subway Construction, New York City, early 1900s. (via the NYPL)