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<p>Phyllis Huntington w. her daughters in hallway of a <a href=",_Queens">LeFrak City</a> apartment building. 1961</p>

<p>People waiting to see Nikita S. Khrushchev as he drives through New York City. September 1959</p>

<p>This one was just captioned "New York City," but it's a safe bet this was around the time Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" was at the top of the charts.</p>

<p>Reopening of the Brooklyn Bridge after four years of partial shutdown during which major repairs were made. May 1954</p>

<p>Liberal rally for New York City Republican mayoral candidate Johan J. Goldstein at Madison Square Garden. October 1945</p>

<p>Salesman is demonstrating a spring hat in New York City. April 1962</p>

<p>A view of construction workers taking a lunch break during the construction of the Queens Midtown Tunnel in New York City. 1939</p>

<p>New York City Congressman William F. Ryan sitting with Congresswoman Bella Abzug. 1972</p>

<p>Sec'y. of Transportation Alan S. Boyd viewing New York City from a helicopter. May 1968</p>

<p>Remember when it snowed? February 04, 1960</p>

<p>Manhattan Bridge under construction. 1907</p>

<p>Huge billboard depicting actress Marlene Dietrich reclining in an Arabian harem costume over the Astor movie theater marquee advertising Ronald Coleman &amp; Dietrich in the movie Kismet as sidewalk overflows w. servicemen &amp; civilians busy spending money on. November 1944</p>

<p>Head of ConEdison Charles F. Luce during an inspection of New York City. June 1968</p>

<p>Large Victorian-style home which was converted into the Bedford Park Museum (there is a small sign out front that reads "Brooklyn Institute"). December 15, 1894</p>