From Uncle Sam To Murakami's Kaikai: A Look Back At Past Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

Felix the Cat 1927 – 1st Balloon in Macy’s Parade<br>

Happy Dragon 1927 – 2nd Parade Balloon in Macy’s Parade<br>

Daschund- Released after conclusion of Parade 1929<br>

Eddie Cantor – 1st ever balloon based on a real person 1934<br>

Mickey Mouse 1934 – 1st Mickey balloon designed with the help of Walt Disney<br>

Santa Balloon 1940<br>

Happy Hippo 1940s<br>

Uncle Sam 1940s<br>

Pilgrim balloon 1946<br>

Macy’s Elf balloon 1947<br>

Harold the Fireman 1948 – 1st ever appearance of Harold<br>

Harold the Baseball Player 1949<br>

Bullwinkle 1961<br>

Donald Duck 1962<br>

Underdog 1965<br>

Superman 1966<br>

Flying Ace Snoopy 1968 – 1st ever Snoopy Balloon of seven<br>

Kermit the Frog 1977<br>

Woody Woodpecker 1982<br>

Raggedy Ann 1984<br>

Betty Boop 1985<br>

Pink Panther 1988<br>

Clifford 1990<br>

Spider-Man 1991 -1st appearance of the iconic superhero<br>

Bandleader Mickey Mouse 2000<br>

Big Bird 2001<br>

Charlie Brown 2002<br>

Kermit The Frog 2002<br>

Strike Up the Band Barney 2003<br>

Macy’s Parade Humpty Dumpty by Tom Otterness 2005 – 1st Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloon<br>

Rabbit by Jeff Koons 2007 – 2nd Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloo<br>

Figure with Heart by Keith Haring 2008 – 3rd Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloon<br>

Kaikai and Kiki by Takashi Murakami 2010- 4th Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloons<br>

Tim Burton’s B. 2011 – 5th Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloon<br>

Companion by KAWS 2012 – 6th Blue Sky Gallery Series Balloon<br>