Flying With The Horsemen in a P-51 Mustang

<p>The P-51 Mustang, a World War II plane.</p>

<p>The City of Winnipeg</p>

<p>The Double Trouble Two</p>

<p>Did you know that the Ford Mustang is actually named after the P-51 Mustang?</p>

<p>Six kills for Double Trouble Two</p>

<p>Starting the P-51 up.</p>

<p>Cockpit view from the back of the Mustang.</p>

<p>Heading out towards the water from Republic Airport in East Farmingdale.</p>

<p>Ed Shipley checks to make sure we didn't lose our lunch 2 minutes into the flight.</p>

<p>South Oyster Bay out the right side of the P-51.</p>

<p>Hanging a Louie.</p>

<p>Doing a roll over the water. Still no lost lunch.</p>

<p>The "DF X"</p>

<p>Double Trouble Two</p>

<p>Doing the dirty work (laying on the ground) for a photo.</p>

<p>The Geico Skytypers</p>

<p>An F/A-18 Super Hornet</p>

<p>"You're a pilot?" "That's right, a Naval Aviator."</p>

<a href="">The Red Bull Mig</a>

<p>The CT-114 Tutor that the Snowbirds fly.</p>

<p>Best day ever! Bonus: no vomit.</p>