Flashback: Brooklyn, 1943

<p>Three baby carriages parked on sidewalk in front of stores on Prospect Place nr. Ralph Avenue.</p>

<p>Mother and daughter walking past Mays Dept. store amongst other pedestrians on busy downtown Fulton St.</p>

<p>Men sitting and standing outside of shops along Brooklyn waterfront.</p>

<p>Women socializing on sidewalk outside of home woman pusing baby carriage.</p>

<p>Mothers seated on &amp; around their apt. house stoop, gossiping as they oversee a gaggle of kids playing around a tree on the sidewalk.</p>

<p>Tenements on streets in the lower class Red Hook section.</p>

<p>Panoramic view of New York City w. the Mnahattan Bridge (L-Fore) &amp; the Williamsburg Bridge dimly visible in the distant bkgd. taken fr. the roof of the St. George Hotel.</p>

<p>Tree-lined street lined w. stately 3-story homes in Flatbush.</p>

<p>Spectators watching polar bear swimming in pool at Prospect Park Zoo.</p>

<p>Editiorial office of the BROOKLYN EAGLE newspaper where staff members are busy in newsroom.</p>

<p>Freight cars in the New York Dock Co. yards on Brooklyn N.Y. waterfront.</p>

<p>In Coney Island.</p>

<p>Five workers eating lunch on bench outdoors on street.</p>

<p>Boats sitting in the Sheepshead Bay, tied to posts extending from homes.</p>