Find Out What These 15 People Are Doing At CMJ

<p>CMJ badge pick-up at Judson Memorial Church</p>

<p>Zac Colwell, Drummer, Ditmas Park</p><p>Looking forward to: Chappo</p><p></p>

<p>Josh Briggs, works for ASCAP, Los Angeles</p><p>Looking forward to: Clams Casino and You Say France &amp; I Whistle</p><p></p>

<p>Bleu McAuley, Musician, Los Angeles</p><p>Looking forward to playing Bowery Poetry Club and Rockwood </p><p></p>

<p>Stacey Peck, Manager, Los Angeles</p><p>Looking forward to seeing Gotye</p><p></p>

<p>Jon Sandler, Musician, Park Slope</p><p>Looking forward to seeing Wicked Willies</p><p></p>

<p>Hermione Hoby, Journalist for The Guardian, South Slope</p><p>Looking forward to Wild Flag, Active Child and Braids</p><p></p>

<p>Stephanie Carlin, Singer/Songwriter/Editor, Prospect Heights</p><p>Looking forward to playing her own shows as a solo performer at Angels &amp; Kngs and Matchless</p><p></p>

<p>Chuck McEvoy, Educator/Singer/Songwriter, Chelsea</p><p>Looking forward to Via Wireless and Hank &amp; the Cupcakes</p><p></p>

<p>Hannah Pyper, Director of AD at Grooveshark, Hell's Kitchen</p><p>Looking forward to Rich Aucoin, Boy and Bear and Quiet Company</p><p></p>

<p>Even Rocha, Director or Label Relations for Grooveshark, NYC</p><p>Looking forward to J. Mascis</p><p></p>

<p>Jaquelyn Cowels, Student, Long Island</p><p>Looking forward to seeing Portugal the Man</p><p></p>

<p>Emily Ulman, Booker/Talent Buyer, Melbourne, Australia</p><p>Looking forward to seeing Twin Shadow, Clams Casino, Little Red</p><p></p>

<p>Duke Sims, Musician, Bensonhurst</p><p>Looking forward to Shinobi Ninja</p><p></p>

<p>Brianna Chang, Blogger at Earmilk, Bayside, Queens</p><p>Looking forward to seeing 123 Band</p><p></p>

<p>Thom Murray, Stylist, Los Angeles</p><p>Looking forward to seeing Ben Von Wilden Haus and 2 Dark Birds</p><p></p>