Enjoy: More Photos Of Old New York

<p>6/21/1941 — 125th Street. Gas station.</p>

<p>3/1/1930 — Grand Street and Norfolk Street, S.E. corner. Progress view, Corn Exchange Bank, east side branch.</p>

<p>1888 — West St. looking north from Charles St. Oyster houses.</p>

<p>1906 — Penn. Depot Excavations.</p>

<p>1926 — John Lanz (blind newspaper operator), N.E. Corner Seventh Ave. &amp; 47th St.</p>

<p>7/28/1956 — 150 East 42nd Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue. Socony-Mobil Building, bird's eye view, horizontal from Chrysler Building.</p>

<p>1900 — Kings County Almshouse.</p>

<p>1933 — East Fifty-Ninth Street</p>

<p>March 30, 1937 — The pier shed of the Pennsylvania and B &amp; O Railroads at Pier 21 with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge in the background, taken from South Street between Peck Slip and Dover Street.</p>

<p>1930 — Lower Manhattan from Governors Island.</p>

<p>1890 — 2 a.m. in the delivery room in the "Sun" office.</p>

<p>1930 — View facing south from the beginning of 5th Avenue towards Washington Square. A street sweeper is visible in the foreground and the Washington Arch is visible behind.</p>

<p>February 4, 1937 — Gunsmith and Police Department Headquarters. 6 Centre Market Place and 240 Centre Street.</p>

<p>1897 — bathtub in an airshaft</p>