Dispatches From Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

<p>Joey Chestnut, victorious yet again</p>

<p>Takeru Kobayashi, looking wistful</p>

<p>Pre-contest festivities </p>

<p>The scoreboard</p>

Deep Dish (Patrick Bertoletti) and Eater X

<p>Chestnut fans </p>

<p>Eater X</p>

<p>Jaws starts out</p>

<p>Bertoletti readies for his dogs</p>

<p>Topics to discuss: Koby vs. Joey, Team Edward or Team Jacob, etc.</p>

<p>Beach balls for the crowd</p>

<p>Eric "Badlands Booker"</p>

<p>More jumping around</p>

<p>Pre-contest entertainment</p>

<p>Patrick Bertoletti</p>

Joey Chestnut

<p>Chestnut's jaw</p>

<p>A fan</p>

<p>George Shea</p>

<p>Joey Chestnut</p>

<p>George Shea</p>

<p>Joey is joyful with his Pepto Bismol</p>

<p>Name cards</p>

<p>There was a kids' contest for neatest eater!</p>

<p>The aftermath</p>