Did You Know That Modern Day Santa Is A New Yorker?

<p>Brewster &amp; Co. sleigh, circa 1890</p>

<p>Clement Clarke Moore's desk</p>

<p>Thomas Nast's "Santa Clause and his works," published in Harper's Weekly on December 29th, 1866.</p>

<p>Merry Christmas To All, from an 1865 Harper's Weekly. "Although Santa's face here does not appear jolly... the double page spread celebrates the return to peace, in the first postwar celebration of the holiday."</p>

<p>"Santa Claus In Camp," by Thomas Nast. Published in Harper's Weekly January 3rd, 1963.</p>

<p>Santa Claus and Jenny Lind was created to encourage Christmas sales of Lind (a Swedish opera singer) paper dolls, clothing, books, and sheet music.</p>

<p>Santa Claus' Quadrilles, by Harvey B. Dodworth, one of NYC's most prolific and popular composers.</p>