Christie's Auctions Off James Brown's Possessions

<p>James Brown Childhood Photograph, at the age of nine-years old. Framed 7x9in. $5,000.</p>

<p>Snoop Dog Signed Photograph, signed to 2 Uncle James in black ink, framed. 11x13in. $875.</p>

<p>Fifteen lines of handwritten working lyrics to the song Thank the Lord written by Brown on the back of an envelope in black ink. 9½x4in. $2,125.</p>

<p>A red wool jumpsuit with rhinestone embellishments, J embroidered along the collar and SEX along the mid-section. $4,750.</p>

<p>James Brown's stereo system, includes a Magnavox turntable, tuner and speaker encased in a Chinese style cabinet. 69x31x19in. $875.</p>

<p>GFOS PendantA gold GFOS pendant. 2in. $4,750</p>

<p>A blue satin cape embroidered with Thy Name Is Godfather of Soul and rhinestone, sequence and metallic embellishments. Expected to take in $15,000 to 20,000.</p>

<p>A typewritten letter on The City of New York, Office of the Mayor stationary, dated October 16, 1987, saluting James Brown on his return to the "World famous Apollo", signed by Mayor Ed Koch. 9x11½in. Expected to take in $500-700.</p>

<p>James Brown's medical bracelet. $32,500.</p>