Check Out BRONX NOW, A Biennial Showcase Of Bronx Artists, Opening This Weekend

ROY BAIZAN / <i>Hydro Punk, 2018 /Black and white photographs, 13 x 19 inches</i>

EDGAR SANTANA<br><i>Cars and Cats of the Bronx, 2018<br>24 x 24 inches<br>Metallic photo<br></i><br>Edgar Santana is a Bronx-based street photographer whose work celebrates the often-overlooked beauty that is intrinsic to Bronx culture. With camera in hand, his job as a social worker allows him to crisscross the borough on a daily basis. Edgar has a particular fondness for photographing cars, and originated the Instagram hashtag #carsofthebronx. Edgar is also a curator of the Instagram account Everyday Bronx, which has over 31,000 followers.<br>

SHELLYNE RODRIQUEZ<br><i>The First Cosmos, Abre Camino, 2018<br>70 x 77 inches<br>Acrylic on paper</i><br><br>In addition to her sculptural works, paintings, and installation art, Shellyne also creates around her social practice. She has participated in numerous public actions around the New York addressing gentrification and inequality, and helped draft the People's Cultural Plan. Shellyne was recently commissioned to build a public sculpture on the Grand Concourse.

RIGOBERTO TORRES & JOHN AHEARN<br><i>Ingrid, 1992/2006</i><br><br>Since meeting at South Bronx art space Fashion Moda in the late '70s, Torres and Ahearn have collaborated and worked solo to produce many outstanding works that primarily celebrate everyday people and communities. The duo have exhibited extensively, completed residencies and projects nationally and internationally, and their work is currently on view in 'Like Life' at the Met Breuer.

ROY BAIZAN<br><i>Hydro Punk, 2018<br>Black and white photographs, 13 x 19 inches</i><br><br>Roy Baizan works in the medium of black and white film and digital photography. He has been photographing his community and family since immigrating to the U.S. Roy was recently featured in the NY Times Lens blog with a photo essay on the Bronx's Hydro Punk Collective: a counterculture movement of which he is a member. Roy is also a teaching artist at the Point Community Development Corp., the International Center for Photography, and the Bronx Documentary Center.

DEVON RODRIQUEZ<br><i>John Ahearn, 2017<br>30 x 40 inches<br>Oil on canvas </i><br><br>At 22, Devon has developed into a skilled portrait painter. He is currently working with Uniqlo on their Bronx-centered media campaign, and he was recently featured in the New York Times and The New Yorker. Devon has completed multiple commissioned works, including a portrait of his mentor John Ahearn that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC.