"Celebrating the City" exhibit captures the constants throughout NYC's history

Pablo Delano, Dancers at Dominican Day, Parade, Midtown, 1994–1995.

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Joseph Maida, Men in Park, 2001.

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Mitch Epstein, Untitled [New York #11], 1996.

Mitch Epstein, Untitled [New York #9], 1996.

Inge Morath, A Llama in Times Square, 1957.

Pablo Delano, Merengue Musicians, Upper Broadway, 1994–1995.

Ted Croner, later 1940s.

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Stephen Barker, Nightswimming, 1993–1994.

Berenice Abbott, Stanton and Orchard Streets, 1936.

Mitch Epstein, Untitled [New York City #21]. 1997.