Bushwick Art Show Explores Female Artists' Reactions To The Age Of Trump

Isis Sade Rivas, Acute Woman Compilation <br/>

Keylah Mellon, Truism, 2017 Portrait <br/>

Lamar Robillard, She Feels <br/>

Joyce & Jessica Gayo, I Evolve, 2017 series <br/>

Ashley Catharine Smith, Feminist for Hillary, 2016 <br/>

Kara Khan of Pop Up Polaroid, Not My President Series, 2017 <br/>

Hannah Perry, Sisterhood, environmental evolution, and reflect <br/>

Courtney Loo, Fish Chips and Chocolate Milk Documentary <br/>

Lamar Robillard and Nicole Callender <br/>

Patrice Nuelie, "BLUE DISCHARGE," "FIRE BURNS," and "V WALL" <br/>

Natalia Janul, Untitled <br/>