Brooklyn Holds Off The Wall Michael Jackson Celebration

<p>MJ fan also fan of Nintendo DS</p>

<p>Large crowd braved the initially dreary weather</p>

<p>Throwback MJ look of different eras</p>

<p>Tracy Morgan, apparently dancing, and Spike Lee</p>

<p>The Reverend Al Sharpton addresses the crowd</p>


<p>MJ homage complete with umbrella carrier</p>

<p>The military jacket comes in handy for the celebration</p>

<p>The crowd was ready to celebrate</p>

<p>Brooklyn loves MJ</p>

<p>Updated versions of the glove?</p>

<p>Ted Kennedy was also in MJ fans' hearts</p>

<p>Fans get into the spirit</p>

<p>DJ Spinna</p>

<p>Spike Lee, Ed Lover, Free and Tracy Morgan</p>

<p>Spike Lee, City Councilwoman Leticia James and State Senator Eric Adams</p>

<p>MJ tributes all over</p>

<p>Thriller time!</p>