Brooklyn Gallery Owner Had 50 Artists Create 50 Dolls For His Sister

<p>Figureworks in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. </p>

<p>The winning doll- "Ariel" by Clarissa Crabtree.</p>

<p>"Hug Me Oprah" by Samantha Smith. Randall Harris </p>

<p>"Little Miss Jane Elizabeth"- by Mary Westring</p>

<p>"Hasidic Barbie's Dream"- Anna West</p>

<p>“dal": A collage book exploring the word “Doll”- by Lynn Wirtz. Randall Harris</p>

<p>"Talking Jane with Cat"- by Jessica Hargreaves. </p>

<p>"Williamsburg Nesting Dolls" (the hipster swallowed within the yuppie, swallowed within the developer)- by Daniel Aycock. Randall Harris </p>

<p>"Mistake"- by Susan Newmark</p>

<p>"Kid With Hoodie"- by Claudia Alvarez</p>

<p>"Winged Gynoid"- by Alexandra Limpert</p>

<p>"Vintage Barbie"- by Ingrid Capozzoli Flin. Randall Harris</p>