Björk and Dirty Projectors @ Housing Works

Björk, Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle.

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<p>Björk looks upon Dave Longstreth</p>

<p>Dirty Projectors</p>

<p>The crowd</p>

<p>Dave Longstreth, Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian</p>

<p>Nat Baldwin, Dave Longstreth</p>

<p>Nat Baldwin, Dave Longstreth</p>

<p>Audience appreciation</p>

<p>Kurt Weisman</p>

<p>Olof Arnalds</p>

<p>Brandon Stosuy/Stereogum</p>

<p>Björk from above</p>

<p>Following the performance was an even more intimate afterparty that took place in the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel (<a href="">not the most courteous</a> neighbor on Bowery). Attendees enjoyed a vertigo-inducing balcony (which sports all-glass barriers between you and the street 21 floors down), and a soundtrack provided by Björk and Longstreth deejay sets. L-R: Björk, Amrit Singh/Stereogum, friend of Bjork and MIA, Olof Arnalds, Dave Longstreth/Dirty Projectors</p>

<p>View from the penthouse at Cooper Square Hotel</p>