Behind The Scenes Photos: Paul Giamatti's Best Spider-Man 2 Faces

These ain't HENNA you mother FUCKERRRRRRRRSSSSS!!<br/>

Director: "Okay Paul, remember what we talked about? Where are you? What are we doing here?" Paul: "The Rhino's RUN DMC tribute video just was interrupted by that pesky Spiderman and he ruins the big final number. Can I get that coffee enema now?" Director: "Yes Paul, that's right. You just told me you are here, and I sure as hell see you standing right in front of me, but are you HERE? You need to be tighter, Paul. I'm talking TIGHT. Where is that <i>Big Momma's House</i> intensity?"

Wait, I was in <i>Big Momma's House?</i> Oh yeah.<br/>

What kind of Rhino am I? What kind of Rhino do I want to be? Do I want to be the Rhino that I see in the world? I like the suit but is my identity getting lost in this brand's identity? It's comfortable and flattering for sure but is<br/>

What?! Tell Thomas Haden Church I'm not giving him any more money this month. I'm not here, OK?<br/>

I would have worked out more if I had remembered about that full-frontal scene, I gotta call my agent.

That bouncer at Cielo was a great neck vein coach, I gotta send him a gift basket<br/>


Oh jesus I think I shot a hawk you said these were blanks is everyone okay? I just dont know when to turn it off sometimes guys<br/>