Bathing In Pig's Blood: Inside The Alt-Right's Pro-Trump Art Show

Milo Yiannopoulos bathes in pig's blood.

Jon Pro poses with two of his paintings, 'False Flag Nation' (L) and 'Game Of Souls' (R).

'The Emotional First Aid Kit' by James O'Keefe.

The Godesky brothers pose in front of their Trump-inspired playing cards.

Before Milo entered the tub.

Martin Shkreli signs his artwork, 'Pill.'

Two prints by Marcus Epstein, who pled guilty to racial assault in 2009.

'#AbolishColumbusDay' and '#SoSorry' by Gavin McIness.

Lucian Wintrich's 'Twinks For Trump' photo series.

'Think Different' and 'Don't Say' by the Art Wing Conspiracy. Not pictured: a Confederate flag pinned to the bar.

Robert Lund, 70, came from Staten Island to attend the show. He said he became interested in Trump "as soon as I heard him talk. He's the only one going against all the bullshit."

Yiannopoulos exits the tub after flinging blood on the audience.

This hat was white once.

Martin Shkreli poses in front of Wintrich's 'Twinks For Trump' series.