Atlantic Antic Antics 2008

<p>Cowboy high five</p>

<p>One in a series of belly dancers that performed throughout the day.</p>

<p>The family that sprays together stays together.</p>

<p>One of several people trying to register voters.</p>

<p>A happy bus driver.</p>

<p>Bus rivets</p>

<p>The manual passenger cooling system on a vintage bus</p>

<p>Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz</p>

<p>Obama burgers, not made out of people like Soylent Green, but out of a politician's favorite meat - pork.</p>

<p>The New Jersey Nets mascot </p>

<a href="">The Susquehanna Industrial Tool &amp; Die Co.</a>

<p>It was crowded.</p>

<p>A NYPD Sergeant checks out one of the Say NO to the Jail booths. The other was strategically located in front of the entrance to the <a href="">Brooklyn House of Detention</a>.</p>