ASPCA Is Waiving Kitty Adoption Fees For CAT FRIDAY

Hera (<a href="">details here</a>) has a bit of a funny strut, but this happy-go-lucky kitty doesn’t let it bother her! Weight management, simple medication for joint comfort and continued physical activity will keep this pretty kitty mobile well into her teens. She is not a fan of other cats, this diva wants to be the center of your attention.<br>

Jolly and Polly (details for <a href="">Jolly</a> & <a href="">Polly</a>) are a bonded pair, which means they must be adopted together. These two cuties love each other so much that they just can’t stand to be apart! They still have a lot of growing up to do, so their adopter should have the patience and humor to enjoy two funny kittens.<br>

Blossom (<a href="">details here</a>) is a social and friendly cat, but can be a bit shy in new places or when meeting new people. She prefers if you go slow and let her learn that you are a friend. You’ll quickly find her butting her head on your hand affectionately! She would do best in a quiet home with respectful kids over the age of 12.<br>

Cherie (<a href="">details here</a>) is affectionate and social, but gets a bit nervous in new places. Once she settles in however, Cherie enjoys chin scratches and even some lap time! Her beautiful coat does require some maintenance , so her adopter should be prepared to brush her to prevent painful mats. Cherie prefers to be the only pet in the home, and would be happiest in a home with teens and up. <br>

Natalia (<a href="">details here</a>) is a real snuggle bug, loving leisurely lounging in your lap. She’s a social butterfly and is quick to make friends. She prefers soft food, as all of her teeth fell out. This isn’t cause for future concern, she does just fine without them. She can go to a home without any other cats and kids over the age of 10.<br>

Rocket (<a href="">details</a>) is a handsome fella with a funny little ear. He is happiest when spending quiet time with his favorite people, enjoying gentle petting and chin scratches. Not the biggest fan of being held, he prefers to keep all four paws on the ground. He loves cat nip and cardboard scratching posts but is a scaredy-cat around vacuum cleaners. Rocket should go to a home with kids older than 14.<br>

Scout (<a href="">details here</a>) is a social cat who prefers attention on her own terms. This long-haired beauty needs a doting adopter who can help her keep her coat mat-free, easily done with daily brushing (think of it has a calming bonding time!). Don’t fret about her eye, it is from an old infection and doesn’t bother her. She would do best in a quiet household with an adopter in-tune with feline body language.

Sebastian (<a href="">details here</a>) is a friendly cat who is a big fan of attention. He is slow to accept new people into his circle of friends but once he extends that invitation he is a big sweetheart. He would do best in a quiet home with an experienced cat adopter.<br>

Spots (<a href="">details here</a>) is a sensitive soul, preferring quiet and gentle attention. He will move at his own pace when getting to know you, and hopes that you’ll respect his process. When Spots decides you’re a friend, he’s not shy about asking for attention. Some evening exercise will keep him out of trouble, and a home with older teens who has experience with cats would be best.<br>