Are Cargo Shorts Really So Wrong?

<p>Most of the men at Gothamist HQ were busy with high-powered meetings yesterday, so we persuaded a group of homeless drifters to pose for this photo, in exchange for the rest of <a href="">our illegal fake weed</a>. (Unfortunately, they were so ashamed of their attire they would only consent to be photographed from the neck down.)<br/><br/><em>(Alycia Kravitz / Gothamist) </em></p>

Julia, 23, Model“I don’t like them. I remember them from high school. They’re so long and what’s with all the pockets? There are normal shorts that you can wear, like denim ones.” (Well, that settles it—you heard the pretty model, fellas!)

<br/><em>Alistair, 34, Film director</em><br/><br/> “I am really opposed to cargo shorts. No shorts in general, not in the city. And no sandals either. There’s no need for them.” (Alistair, please meet Julia to your left there. You two are made for each other!)<br/><br/><em>(Alycia Kravitz / Gothamist) </em>

Danielle, 27, Accountant“They’re fine on men. They look good. Just not at work or on a date. Not so flattering on women, though.” As it happens, we spoke with a cargo shorts-clad man who would not consent to be photographed, but proudly told us, “I actually wore camouflage-patterned cargo shorts on a first date this weekend. I even texted a friend to see if it was okay and he was like, 'Do not wear them unless you’re taking her camping.' But it was like a hundred degrees! I told her these are the only shorts I own and she didn’t mind them. We planned a second date tonight and I think I’ll wear the cargo shorts again.” Why mess with perfection!

<br/><em>Al, 52, Pilot </em><br/><br/> “If you’re going for casual, cargo shorts are fine. It’s kind of like the wine thing – do you drink what you like or do you drink to impress? I’m from Arizona so shorts are necessary there – shorts and flip-flops. I don’t think it’s okay to wear them to a country club or certain restaurants, though.” <br/><br/><em>(Alycia Kravitz / Gothamist) </em><br/>

Yuriy, Street artist“I wear cargoes like a uniform. I’m a street artist so I have to keep things in my pockets. And they’re comfortable. Ideally, I would like to wear more vibrant colors or something, but these shorts are for work.”Ah, the "work" shorts, paired with the "work" Tevas. Artists!

Evan, 28, Software engineer “Grown men shouldn’t wear shorts. Especially not in the office. I’m from Kentucky and even there they’re not popular. Pants are even more practical for farmers, ‘cause when you’re walking through fields, you can cut your legs!"

Sarah, 26, Advertising“It’s situational really, but in general, I think shorts are okay. Cargo shorts are just outdated, I feel. I think they were only popular in like the late nineties. Well, okay, cargos are okay for laundry day.” And, obviously, bowling.

Alycia Kravitz / Gothamist

India, Acupuncturist“I think cargoes are fine for men and women. Traveling in New York, it’s easy to lose things, so it just makes it easier to put stuff if your pockets. I wear cargo shorts if I don’t feel like carrying a purse. And they look damn good!”

<br/><em>Matthew, 26, Project manager</em><br/><br/>“Men should not wear cargo shorts. They are not flattering. Men’s shorts are just too big and baggy, so I buy pants and make them into shorts. And you can put your stuff in a bag instead of those pockets! This is New York. We all go to work, and the gym – we wear bags all the time. Like I have my computer on me right now.”<br/><br/>Well, that settles it: <a href="">Murse</a> good, cargo shorts bad.<br/><br/><em>(Alycia Kravitz / Gothamist) </em>