AMNH Releases a Lifetime's Worth of Photos

<p>Posed Grizzly Bear attack during construction of Grizzly Bear Group. 1941.</p>

<p>Constructing floor of Bald Eagle Group, Bird Hall. 1961.</p>

<p>Construction of Man and His Changing World Exhibit, Roosevelt Memorial Hall. 1969.</p>

<p>Display case, Biology of Bird Hall, American Museum of Natural History. 1942.</p>

<p>Making mold to cast clay model of Titanotherium. 1914.</p>

<p>Young visitor viewing Triceratops Skeleton, Tyrannosaurus Hall. 1959.</p>

<p>Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Horsefall at work on the background of the Wild Turkey Habitat Group, North American Bird Hall. 1907.</p>